About Us

Breeding Insight (BI) is a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) initiative hosted at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York

The Breeding Insight initiative was launched in 2018 to level the playing field in the genomics era, creating new opportunities for specialty breeders in assimilating tools, technologies, and methods to catalyze the routine and accessible use of genomic insights. We integrate phenomics (trait analysis), genomics (genotypic data), data management, and software tools to help breeders increase the rate of genetic gain and create more healthy, nutritious, and sustainable specialty crops and animals.

William Rutter, USDA plant pathologist, is shown examining his sweet potato seedlings. Dr. Rutter and other scientists in the USDA Vegetable Program in Charleston, S.C. are working with Breeding Insight to develop fast, affordable genotyping for sweet potato and sweet potato weevil.

Our Mission

Breeding Insight at Cornell University will leverage recent improvements in genomics and open source informatics components, and in partnership with small breeding programs, will enable these programs to harness  powerful digital tools to accelerate their genetic gains.

The Challenges

Today’s specialty crop and animal breeders face a numerous hurdles, including logistical, technical, biological, and environmental challenges.

What We Do

Breeding Insight levels the playing field for specialty breeders who are ready to join the genomics revolution.

The Solutions

We address breeding challenges by integrating phenomics (trait analysis), genomics (genotypic data), data management, and software tools to help breeders increase rates of genetic gain.

Our Support Spans Regions

ARS Areas with Breeding Insight Support

Meet our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists is making high-tech breeding a reality for specialty crop and animal breeders.


Ed Buckler

Principal Investigator

Jean-Luc Jannink

Co-Principal Investigator

Tim Rinehart

Office of National Programs

Amanda Hulse-Kemp

BI OnRamp Director

Cornell University

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Craig Beil headshot

Breeding Coordinator

Tim Parsons headshot

Lead Developer

Kirsten Richardson headshot

Administrative Assistant

Vanessa Greenlee headshot

Communications & Training Lead

headshot of Meng Lin

Bioinformatics Coordinator

Chris Strock headshot

Phenomics Coordinator

Dongyan Zhao headshot

Genomics Coordinator

Shawn Yarnes headshot

Product Owner

Chris Tucker headshot

Software Developer

Dave Meidlinger headshot

Software Developer

Dave Phillips headshot

Software Developer

Heather Sweeney headshot

Software Developer

Nick Palladino headshot

Software Developer

Quality Assurance Specialist

Technical Steering Board

Phil Simon

Scott Jackson

Allen Van Deynze

Margaret Worthington

Steve Rounsley

Pete Cyr

Gina Brown-Guedira

Steve Larson

Ed Buckler

Jean-Luc Jannink

Tim Rinehart

Moira Sheehan


Species aren’t the only thing we’re breeding at Breeding Insight. We are also expanding our dynamic, multidisciplinary team of specialists.

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