Breeding Insight team members don protective clothing as they prepare to enter a salmon breeding facility.
BI Director Moira Sheehan (right) with Former BI Lead Developer and current TSB member Tim Parsons (left) at the USDA National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center in Franklin, Maine.

Breeding Insight is hiring!

Join us in the first large-scale public-sector effort to systematically apply genomic information to the breeding of specialty crops and animals. Our dynamic, multidisciplinary team of specialists at Cornell University is growing!

Current Opportunities

Science Team Positions

Imaging Analysis Curator

The Imaging Analysis Curator will design, test, implement, and execute a backlog of image analysis pipeline requests on projects from USDA-ARS breeding programs. Breeding Insight (BI) has offered image analysis services to extract key agriculture measurements to these breeders and a high demand for assistance was immediately requested and it has outpaced the speed at which we can complete these requests. The individual in this position will develop code and pipelines in collaboration with the Biometrics Coordinator and other team members at Breeding Insight to complete current projects, start new projects, and build capacity for future imaging and machine learning projects.


  • Lead or assist the development of image analysis projects (as defined by the bullets below) in collaborating with key team members:
    • Evaluate tools that are commercially and publicly available that can assist with answering the research questions and requests outlined by the breeder for each project.
    • Create software pipelines to process images and collect the information and raw data to answer the unique research questions for each project.
    • Transform images into meaningful and impactful datasets.
    • Create tools that can be combined and connected in AWS or BRAPI software.
    • Assist with creating training material for these tools to assist breeders with performing their own analysis.
    • Throughout the process, establish and maintain notes, documentation, and annotation of code that clearly describes processes and decisions.
    • Provide feedback to BI software developers and scientific coordinators on possible improvements to the complex workflow and/or software functions.
  • Curation of image data:
    • Upload and organize image data onto BI’s server at Cornell’s BioHPC computing center.
    • Assist BI’s collaborators in setting up Globus endpoints to transfer image data.
  • Assist BI Coordinators with designing the projects and communicating to breeders the steps necessary for creating a successful project based on their requests.
  • Analyze issues, develop solutions, and implement actions independently and in a timely manner.
  • Assist the Communication and Training lead to prepare appropriate training materials for BI tools.
  • Participate in meetings with breeders to ensure project requests and results are interpreted correctly.

*This is a full-time two-year term appointment with renewal contingent on continued funding and work.  The position can be performed either fully remotely or hybrid remote/on-site.

No visa sponsorship available for this position.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Vision, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Machine Learning or related field.
  • Relevant Work Experience in writing software pipelines for computer vision and/or machine learning – 3 years to 5 years.
  • Excellent attention to detail, effective verbal and written communication skills, including documentation.
  • Experience planning projects and setting/revising timelines.
  • Proven experience communicating with scientists.
  • Highly organized with great time management skills with an ability to work within a team.
  • Experience in and/or demonstrated commitment to supporting diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and wellbeing.
  • Proven ability to work across disciplines, location, and cultures for effective collaboration.
  • Experience working directly with people from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Ability to cultivate and develop inclusive and equitable working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • MS or higher in Computer Vision, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Machine Learning or related field.
  • Strong knowledge of python and relevant python computer vision libraries.
  • Some knowledge of biology or agriculture science.
  • Experience working with end users to test and improve software tools to meet user needs.
  • Experience in decision support system development and demonstrated analytical skills.
  • Ability to work independently and contribute to problem-solving efforts.
  • Thorough familiarity with spreadsheet software, flat file and relational database systems.
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Development Team Positions

Positions with ARS Breeders

About Breeding Insight

Breeding Insight (BI) is a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Agricultural Research Service (ARS) initiative hosted at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Our Mission

The Breeding Insight initiative was launched in 2018 to level the playing field in the genomics era, creating new opportunities for specialty breeders in assimilating tools, technologies, and methods to catalyze the routine and accessible use of genomic insights. We integrate phenomics (trait analysis), genomics (genotypic data), data management, and software tools to help breeders increase the rate of genetic gain and create more healthy, nutritious, and sustainable specialty crops and animals.


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