Breeding Solutions

The challenges facing specialty species too often hamper technology adoption and limit program efficiency.

Breeding Insight recognizes the importance of specialty species for human wellbeing—from diets, to new sources of proteins, to ecosystem services such as erosion reduction. By listening to our breeders’ specified use cases, we make connections among existing tools and resources—and create new ones—to support adoption of more advanced technologies.

Types of Solutions

For all aspects of your work flow, Breeding Insight’s got you covered.

Open Source Marker Panels

Open source marker panels developed by Breeding Insight at Cornell University, in collaboration with DArT and funded by USDA-ARS for public use.

Logistical Solutions

Solutions for reducing manual work and improving capacity and efficiency for breeding

Technical Solutions

Solutions for adopting and using new tools, technologies and methods

Biological Solutions

Solutions and innovations that work with and around species’ biological constraints

Environmental Solutions

Solutions for collecting data in real-world environments and for creating climate-resilient products

Success Stories

Have a Complex Challenge?

No challenge too big; no species too small! Let us know what kind of breeding challenges you’re up against.