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Species Phase Locations
Alfalfa Pilot Phase Beltsville, MD; Logan, UT; Madison, WI; Pullman, MN; Riverside, CA; St. Paul, MN
Blackberry Phase 3 Corvallis, OR
Blueberry Pilot Phase Corvallis, OR; Poplarville, MS
Coffee Phase 3 Hilo, HI
Cranberry/td> Phase 2 Chatsworth, NJ; Madison, WI
Cucumber Phase 2 Madison, WI
Grape Phase 2 Geneva, NY; Parlier, CA
Hemp Phase 3 Geneva, NY
Honey bee Phase 2 Baton Rouge, LA
Hop Phase 3 Corvallis, OR; Prosser, WA
Hydrangea Phase 3 Beltsville, MD; McMinnville, TN
Lettuce Phase 2 Salinas, CA
NA Atlantic Salmon Pilot Phase Aberdeen, ID; Franklin, ME
Oat Phase 2 Aberdeen, ID; Brookings, SD; Fargo, ND; St. Paul, MN
Pecan Phase 2 Brownwood, TX; Somerville, TX
Potato Phase 3 Aberdeen, ID; Ithaca, NY; Madison, WI; Orono, ME; Prosser, WA
Rainbow Trout Pilot Phase Aberdeen, ID; Lepton, WV
Raspberry Phase 3 Corvallis, OR
Red clover/cover crops Phase 3 Beltsville, MD; Corvallis, OR; Lexington, KY; Madison, WI; Prosser, WA; Pullman, WA
Sorghum Phase 3
Strawberry Phase 2 Beltsville, MD; Corvallis, OR
Sugar beet Phase 3 Beltsville, MD; East Lansing, MI; Fargo, ND; Fort Collins, CO; Kimberly, ID; Pullman, WA
Sweetpotato Pilot Phase Charleston, SC

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