Who We Support

We help smaller breeding programs become more predictive

Major crops and livestock in industry and USDA ARS have adopted predictive breeding technology. Breeding Insight supports smaller breeding programs in adopting these powerful tools into their existing programs.

Programs We Support

Specialty Breeding Programs

We work directly with individual USDA-ARS specialty crop and animal breeding programs nationwide. As Breeding Insight continues to grow, additional ARS breeding programs will be included, roughly on a two-year cycle.

BI OnRamp

We work side-by-side with the BI OnRamp team within ARS to support non-specialty species and to help selected specialty species prepare to enter Breeding Insight.

Self-directed programs

Although Breeding Insight does not currently provide direct services to all USDA-ARS breeders, our software is publicly available and open source for anyone to use. Several scientists and breeding programs are utilizing BI software to manage their work.

Introducing BI OnRamp!

A program that gets breeding teams ready to join Breeding Insight

Ready to check out our open source tools?

Breeders, our easy-to-use, breeder-friendly software is here for you to test.

Developers, our source code is publicly available, licensed with Apache 2.0.