Animal Tissue Collection

Sending animal tissue samples

Discuss the type of animal tissue you will be sending to DArT with Breeding Insight. Allowable animal tissue sample examples are: insect head, insect leg, ear, feather, liver, fin clips, hair, muscle, scat, swab, tail, toe, and whole insect.

Different kinds of tissue may require additional steps:

  • Any possibility the animal samples you are sending may contain pathogenic viruses, bacteria, pests or parasites.
  • Very small or nearly invisible samples such as tiny insects, nematodes, etc.
  • Hard tissue – like shell or exoskeleton.

If you anticipate any of these kinds of tissues, email us at

We keep up to date with all DArT recommendations and requirements. Check out the DArT website for more information.

Important Things to Remember

Do not send fresh tissue. It is not permitted into Australia from the US, and the likelihood that samples will mold/become contaminated in transit is very high.

When you’ve finished plating your samples, put a couple pieces of tape on the plate lid to keep the box closed. This will prevent any samples from spilling in transit.

Avoid mixing different tissue types (e.g. muscle and feather) within a single plate as each may require a different processing method and do not mix species of a different genus in the same plate. You must create separate orders for each genus.

Please ensure each tube has equal and consistent size samples per the guidelines.  If samples are not consistent, DArT may need to sub-sample manually, and this may affect the cost and time it takes to process your order.

Before you begin – Plasticware

Before you begin sampling, be sure you are using DArT-approved plasticware. Do not mix different types of samples in your project order.

If you have already begun sampling using different plates, make sure to transfer to DArT-approved plates before shipping. Failure to send samples in correct plasticware will greatly affect the timeline of your project.

If you have difficulty ordering or obtaining these products in a timely manner, please contact Breeding Insight at . We may have some plasticware in stock that can be shipped quickly.

You will also need to submerge 10-15mg tissue in 600 μL of 80% ethanol.

Tube/Rack Manufacturer Tube/Rack Name Product Code Seal Manufacturer Seal Name Product Code
National Scientific
MicroTube, PP, 1.1mL, Natural, Singles, 10 Racks
TN0946-01R Micronic TPE Capband – 8 MP53018
1.1 mL Microtube System, Racked