Biological Solutions

Biological challenges are those that are inherent to the species biology and are not directly ‘fixable’. Solutions involve workarounds to accommodate the biology and will require innovation.

Common Biological Challenges

Check out some common biological challenges noted by breeders, and how Breeding Insight works with them to arrive at solutions.

“My crop species has a complex polyploid genome. How do I create and use genetic markers that help me make breeding decisions?”

Many specialty crops and animals have large, complex and non-diploid genomes. This complexity has hampered development of molecular marker tools in specialty species. Breeding Insight has expertise and funding to help breeders create genetic markers and decipher the resulting data. Breeding Insight can eliminate most of the barriers-to-entry that breeders report as reasons why they don’t adopt genomic technologies.

“I work in a species with a long generation time and breeding cycle. How can I make genetic gains faster?”

Perennial crops (berries, trees, and vines) and livestock have distinct needs for managing and maintaining material to sexual maturity, as compared to annual row crops (such as corn or soybean). Breeding Insight works with breeders to determine where cycles can be turned faster for breeding purposes.

We can even create new software to communicate between existing programs, removing the need for manual file transfer or spreadsheet data management.

“My most important traits are only expressed in mature individuals. Trait collection is destructive or lethal. What tools could I use to predict phenotypes earlier in the life cycle?”

Breeding Insight can help identify proxy traits in young/immature individuals that are predictive of mature traits of interest. Thus, phenotyping can be done earlier, and in a non-destructive manner.

“I would like to adopt new technologies to help me collect more quantitative trait data. But the high-throughput phenotyping tech market is too overwhelming. How do I find a technology that meets my needs?”

The Breeding Insight team includes a Phenomics Coordinator who works with breeders to understand what traits or data need to be captured. The Phenomics Coordinator then serves as a guide to help the breeder select and implement the right technologies.

Have a Complex Biological Challenge?

Breeding Insight works with breeders to find or create feasible solutions.