Technical Solutions

Technical challenges are those that require expertise outside of a breeder’s knowledge base and workflow. Solutions must provide for technology, tools, and methods adoption, and the knowledge of how to implement.

Common Technical Challenges

Check out these common technical challenges noted by breeders, and how Breeding Insight works with them to create solutions.

“I purchased a tractor-mounted sensor system for my program. I get lots of data back. How do I use the data to make selection decisions?”

A lot of breeders find themselves in this situation after purchasing new tech. Breeding Insight works with the vendor, the raw data outputs, and the breeder to find ways to glean relevant trait data that meet the breeder’s needs.

“I would like to start using genomics-assisted breeding techniques in my program to target certain traits or market types. Where do I get started?”

The advent of cheap genotyping and sequencing has leveled the playing field for any species to collect genetic data on populations or individuals. But using genomic data can feel overwhelming for breeders who are new to these data. Some platforms require a lot of specialized expertise to create usable data. Breeding Insight recognizes that not everyone can or wants be an expert in adopting genomics-assisted breeding. Our Genomics Coordinator and Bioinformatics Coordinator are ready to step in with the necessary know-how and expertise.

We can even create new software to communicate between existing programs, removing the need for manual file transfer or spreadsheet data management.

Have a Complex Technical Challenge?

As breeders adopt more technologies into their program, new technologies or expertise may be needed to continue their growth.   Breeding Insight brings cutting-edge knowledge and creates practical solutions that feel custom fit.