Logistical Solutions

Today’s specialty animal and plant breeders face a number of logistical challenges in their day-to-day work. This includes a lot of manual processes, incompatible or outdated software solutions, and other program efficiency gaps that Breeding Insight can help fill.

Common Logistical Challenges

Check out these common logistical challenges noted by breeders, and how Breeding Insight works with them to create solutions.

“My program is slowed down by processes like writing notes and manual labor. How can I speed things up?”

Breeding Insight can help you incorporate time-saving technologies such as tablets, voice recordings, scanners and sensors to improve note-taking and phenotype data collection. We can also help you find solutions to optimize your manual labor workflow.

“Some of my software and workflow processes are incompatible with each other, which leaves me using spreadsheets to manage my data. Are there other options?”

Breeding Insight can support more seamless integration of your existing software and workflows, or help you navigate the newer technologies available and make an informed decision about upgrading.

We can even create new software to communicate between existing programs, removing the need for manual file transfer or spreadsheet data management.

For most of the year, I need a small, permanent workforce to operate my breeding program, but in busy times, I also need to onboard a team of short-term workers (students and temps). How can I train new people more efficiently?”

Breeding Insight can create rubrics and guides, and provide time-saving phenotyping tools to make onboarding faster and phenotyping more consistent. The use of mobile phenotyping tools also helps to provide real-time oversight to the breeder when re-training is needed.

“I inherited a 30-year-long breeding program with data on paper and in Excel files. How can I assimilate these data into a central place for my whole team? How do I choose the right data system for my program?”

Legacy data formats and contents are found in almost every breeding program. Breeding Insight works with breeders to triage and curate data into centralized breeding management systems that can be accessed via web app by all team members. Having historical data more readily available helps secure the legacy of work and preserve the knowledge base.

Have a Complex Logistical Challenge?

Breeding Insight works with breeders to find or create feasible solutions.