Collecting DNA Samples

In anticipation of the upcoming shipment of your DNA samples to Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) in Australia, we’d like to ensure you have everything you need. Prepping, packing and shipping your samples correctly will:
- Cut down on the time that your package spends at customs.
- Decrease the possibility that your package gets returned to you.
- Decrease the possibility that valuable samples are lost because of spillage or mispacking.

DNA submission


Make sure you have the approved plasticware. If you’re not sure what to use, please contact Breeding Insight at

All samples need to be prepared in approved plasticware (See the “Plasticware Recommendations” Table).

BI recommends approved PCR plates for DNA samples are Eppendorf, TwinTec, skirted, 150 μL, PCR clean with 8-well strip caps for approved PCR plates for DNA samples.

Plasticware Recommendations

Plate Manufacturer Plate name Plate product codes Seal name Seal product codes
TwinTec©, skirted, 150 μL, PCR clean
•Colourless: 0030128648

•Yellow: 0030128656

•Green: 30128664

•Blue: 30128672

•Red: 30128680

Cap Strips, 8-strips, flat
Cap Strips, 8-Strips, domed 30124839
Azenta Life Sciences
Framestar© 96 Well Skirted PCR Plate
•Clear: 4ti-0960/C

•Purple: 4ti-0960

•Blue: 4ti-0960/B

•Green: 4ti-0960/G

•Red: 4ti-0960/R

•Black: 4ti-0960/X

•White: 4ti-0960/W

8 cap, flat optical
8 cap, domed
Bio-Rad Hard-Shell©  96-Well PCR Plates. Low profile. Thin walled, skirted •White: HSP9601

•Blue: HSP9631

•Green: HSP9641

0.2 mL Optical Flat PCR Tube 8-Cap Strips, Clear TCS0803
0.2 ml Domed PCR Tube 8-Cap Strips, Clear TCS0803

Preparing Your Parcel

Review our packing tips to ensure your parcel arrives to DArT without any major concerns.

Place your samples inside a Styrofoam cooler or cardboard box.

Do not include ice or ice packs in the parcel. Packing dry ice is considered a hazardous good and will delay your project significantly.

Fill any additional space with packing material to prevent breakage during transport.

Shipping can dislodge caps from plates and cause leaks or result in cracks so ensure materials are well sealed and protected.